ABORTION – The Mother and the Baby: A Panel with Karen Melton, Julia Acott, & Adela Barcia, April 2009 Assoc. for Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology & Health (APPPAH) Conference

PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU CAN LISTEN TO A RECORDING OF THIS PANEL IN MY AUDIO SECTION. It begins with Julia, then Adela, and then I am at the end. There are some Q&A at the end. I am happy to answer your questions. I had the great pleasure of residing on a panel at the 2009 …

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Prenatal Parenting: Creating a Secure Attachment Before Birth

Unborn baby’s are conscious, sentient, and vulnerable. They benefit greatly from gentle, loving connection provided regularly by their parents, especially their mother, from the very beginning of their life – long before birth. Become the parent you already are, before your child is born. Take the time to connect with your baby every day in the womb, …

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