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About Me

After 15 years in England working with individuals and groups I moved to the U.S. in 1997 to train in Somatic Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology & Health (SPPPH). This is the study of our creation journey, embodiment, the soul’s journey and purpose, and consciousness in the pre-conception through newborn foundational period. I’ve since take levels one and two of Dr. Gordon Neufeld’s Developmental Attachment training, studied energy healing and the energy system and am certified in Cranial Sacral Therapy.

Drawn to SPPPH from a need to heal my early imprints I subsequently trained for many years to become a practitioner. I’m very fortunate to love my work and I offer deep, gentle, hands-on experiential somatic work for all ages.

My deepest wound happened in the womb at 5 weeks old profoundly affecting my life. I began healing my core prenatal wound in my early twenties and have dramatically shifted from feeling terrified to enjoying a feeling of well being, calm and coherence. I have a deep and personal understanding of the huge influence of womb and birth experiences. I know first-hand that it’s possible to heal from a traumatic prenatal experience, and I discovered that somatic work is very effective and necessary for the healing and integration of early imprints.

I hold people in their deepest places with presence, sensitivity and authenticity. I’m a mother, and a grandmother.


2019-2020: Assisted the Castellino Family Practitioner Training, Ojai. CA

2015: Post-graduate training in the B.E.B.A. clinic model of family work. Ojai, CA

2011 – 2013: The Neufeld Institute, Canada. Levels 1 & 2 – Developmental Attachment

2004 – 2006: Certified in Prenatal and Birth Therapy, Advanced Double Binds Training, two Practitioner Trainings, and apprenticed at the B.E.B.A clinic. Castellino Training. Santa Barbara, CA

2003 – 2005: Certified in Cranial-Sacral Work with Dr. Dennis Hertenstein. Santa Rosa, CA

1997 – 2002: Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology, Dr. William Emerson. Petaluma, CA

1995 – 1997: Art of Tantra, John Hawken, Skydancing Tantra. Devon, UK

1992: Completed up to the third year, Bath Center for Psychotherapy & Counseling (B.C.P.C.). Bath, UK

1991 – 1002: The Women’s Mysteries; spirituality, ritual, shamanic and indigenous healing practices from around the world. Annie Spencer, Bath, UK

1988 – 1990: Diploma in Humanistic Psychology, Institute for the Development of Humanistic Psychology (I.D.H.P.) sponsored by Bath University, Bath, UK

1985 – 1997: Counselor and psychotherapist in training in private practice for 7 years. Bristol, UK

1982 – 1985: 1. Youth Counselor, Off The Record Youth Counseling Agency, UK. 2. Co-founder, phone counselor, administrator and supervisor of counselors with Wiltshire Rape Crisis Line. Swindon, UK

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