Heal the Womb & Birth Journey for Adults

Gentle, somatic support for your journey into life, from preconception through birth, can transform your life. 

Feel more coherent, grounded and embodied as you integrate your journey into life from Source through preconception, conception, the prenatal period and birth. Resolve past challenges and nurture new internal resources that result in increased presence, and better daily self-care.

Benefits of Healing Early Imprints

  • Understand yourself, your patterns of behaviour, relationships and parenting
  • Get to the root of compulsive habits like overeating
  • Develop coherency in “your story”
  • Reduce anxiety, fear and panic attacks
  • Feel more confident and connected to yourself
  • Increase chances of a healthy pregnancy and a fulfilling, empowering birth
  • Practice clear and resourced parenting
  • Achieve more intimacy in relationships
  • Feel more connected to Spirit/Divine/God
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Understand prenatal/birth origins of health issues
  • Improve your parenting and co-parenting
  • Enhanced wellness
  • Feel more relaxed and in control
  • Deepen your connection to your body, intuition, and instincts
  • Resolve birth and birthing trauma

This work can include gentle hands-on negotiated physical contact, is fully clothed and a combination of experiential and talking.

Imprinting, Memory and Somatic Healing

Most of us don’t remember early imprints cognitively or consciously because, as prenate’s and newborns, we are imprinted somatically and in our limbic brain (the emotional brain). Early imprints are easy to access through our body and are no less powerful in our lives for their lack of cognition. Very pervasive, they express themselves in how we feel about the world, life, others and ourselves. They show up in our relationship and attachment patterns and in health issues, affecting us at all ages, on all levels.

Talk therapy may help us to discover more about the story of what happened back then but it won’t change the imprinting itself. This is why somatic work is so important to resolve and re-pattern early imprints because they live in our Soul Body, not in our intellect. See my article The Soul Body for more information.https://karenmelton.com/other/the-soul-body/

New Internal Resources

We need new internal resources in the places inside where we experienced lack or trauma in our family-of-origin. Feeling isolated and separate are common experiences with early trauma. Loving, empathic connection re-patterns imprints and breaks the isolation we felt long ago. With support, internal resources are nurtured that create new neural pathways so that we can take better care of ourselves, and feel more connected.

Strengthening our adult resources is important so that we can better parent ourselves, and our children. A competent, loving adult self who can take care of our younger selves when they need care is essential. Healing our hurts alongside developing a stronger adult self can require a therapeutic relational field for a time, until you can do it for yourself. Relational wounding requires relational healing. A good outcome is that our Little One’s within no longer run our lives. and we feel sovereign over ourselves. Article: Internal Resources and Why We Need Them

For a free 20-minute consultation text/call (+44) 07869 174405 or email starbear@sonic.net

NOTE: I’m not licensed in psychotherapy or counselling. I’m happy to work with people who are in psychotherapy although this is not a requirement. I may want to talk with a new clients therapist to provide the best support. Referrals are welcomed and practitioners can contact me to discuss whether a client would be suitable for my work.

"I came across Karen's Phenomenal Work after two cycles of In-Vitro-Fertilization. I conceived both times and didn't understand why the last one miscarried. Karen helped me to recount my conception and birth narrative which brought much healing. I am so grateful for her presence in my life and her important work healing imprints and trauma from the womb!"


Kimberly, Bethesda, Maryland

"I was constantly angry and anxious, stimulated by something unknown within. My time in the womb was difficult and inaccessible. I wanted freedom from that trauma so I could be present in my life, but I felt stuck in the womb. After working with Karen I have been born - maybe for the first time. I can live, function and thrive in the world. In my preparation to be a parent it's a blessing to finally have the internal resources to parent myself first. Karen has a special gift way beyond her training. I have met many practitioners and with her compassion, insight and integrity Karen is among the very best."


Andrew Fynn, Marin, Ca