Child Centered Family Support

Family support includes two options


Parenting Support – meeting with one, or both, parents


Play sessions followed by debrief/parenting support calls

Costs & Info Contact me for my sliding scale. PayPal and cards accepted Sessions are one hour and currently available online

Contact me for a free initial 20-minute Zoom consultation

Description of Play Sessions

I provide a child-centred play space that supports children and parents to come into alignment, resolve early events and traumas and increase secure attachment. Foundational imprinting from the pre- and perinatal period is at the core of this work, as it affects many behaviours in babies and children. Your family will have opportunities to integrate unresolved experiences, and challenges, with support.

Children need to tell their story in their own way through play. They need to be heard, and can share deeply during supportive play, with deep listening from the adults. As early trauma is healed and processed children can release and integrate unresolved hurts, pent-up, stuck issues, and tell their story.

Family Support without play sessions

Family support is available for one, or both, parents without their child present. It provides a safe, non-judgemental place to discuss the challenges of parenting, and to work on your parenting issues. This work can sometimes shift into play sessions with your child if the issues are not resolvable through parenting support alone.

Benefits of family support:

  • Learn new and deeper ways to listen to your child
  • Deepen attachment and connection
  • A supported parent is a happier parent which reduces stress on children
  • Children benefit from unravelling internal knots, building new resources and processing unresolved trauma
  • Feel more connected, calm and settled as a family
  • Develop your parenting and nurture deeper connection
  • Clear unwanted ancestral influences
  • Increased connection between parents
  • Learn child-centered play to better understand your child

Common signs that children need support

  • Tactile sensitivity
  • Sleep issues/disturbances
  • Struggling with transitions (going to sleep, getting up, leaving the house, going into school, etc.)
  • Insecure attachment
  • Power struggles (may be an alpha child – see article Are You Parenting An Alpha Child? 
  • Inconsolable or long periods of crying
  • Inability to settle, pause or rest
  • A revved nervous system – always on the go and unable to rest
  • Overemotional or quick to escalate emotionally
  • Ungrounded, e.g. banging into things, unable to find their feet, scattered energy, spaced out, unfocussed, etc.
  • Disconnection from self, and/or others, or from Source/God/Goddess
  • Separation anxiety
  • Anger/rage, grief and sadness
  • Hyper-vigilant – on high alert towards people, sounds, environment, etc.)

Structure of the work


We’ll begin with a free 20-minute initial phone consultation


A one-hour play session will be scheduled and intake
forms filled in and signed


Before the session both parents will read: Setting up the play space at home & How to be in a child-centred play space – on the Forms page.


1-2 days after each play session we’ll have a Zoom debrief/parenting support call. Debriefs are pro-rated at the agreed hourly rate.