Classes & Groups

Listening Underneath Your Child’s Behaviour – for Parents

A eight-part class series for parents who want to listen more deeply to their child’s experiences, communications and behaviors, including their prenatal and perinatal journey. Using Ray Castellino’s principles along with non-directive, child-centred play, parents are supported to learn how to  listen underneath. I recommended that both parents attend all the classes and at-home play sessions. There are free introductory classes and a bonus offer for those who register.

Listening to Little One’s: The Prenatal Self

We all have a Little One inside – our prenatal self. Prenatal imprinting is core and foundational. Little One’s are constantly speaking to us from our unconscious implicit memories. This is a non-verbal and somatic conversation that shows up in all aspects of our life and is affecting us profoundly. Little One’s affect our relationships, choices, how we feel about ourselves, our parenting, our perception of ‘the World’, etc.

The Prenatal Roots of Attachment Dynamics – For Professionals

Attachment dynamics and embodiment are two constant experiential strands during our foundational period from Source to newborn. At its heart the preconception and prenatal periods provide the original embodiment template. Core foundational imprints are laid down during preconception, a developmental period that is relational.

"My experiences with Karen allowed me to more readily access how my actions and emotions would affect my babe throughout her life, and to become more conscious in handling them. I had a very conscious, gentle, and loving birth experience with my child, even though my birth did not go as smoothly as we had hoped. The sense of peace and connection that was deepened in these sessions has carried through in my relationship with both my partner, and my child, so that we are a more loving and conscious family. We are so grateful for your help!"


Hannah, Marin County

"My husband and I took Karen's Journey into Life class, which I genuinely recommend. At 7 months pregnant we wanted to be clear in our understanding and emotions before birthing at home in a remote location. With Karen's kind and expert guidance, and the safe loving space she provides, I was able to attain deep understanding about my own birth and how it was affecting my way of being in the world. This helped me to move beyond some previously unknown limiting patterns. The wellbeing of my unborn child was always a top concern and we felt deeply bonded as a family. My level of empathy and understanding for what my baby was about to go through was greatly enriched. We were so impressed by the classes that we had some private in-utero healing sessions for baby, which were even more profound. Thank you so much Karen for all of your help and guidance!"


Artemis, Sonoma County, CA