Love Your Baby Into Life

A conscious, loving welcome

Babies need parenting from the preconception preparation period. Pre-conceptive parents have the opportunity to give their child their best chance in life by preparing consciously before conception. Preparation can take a minimum of nine months to a year, or more, giving you the opportunity, and time, to:

  • Create a loving, healthy womb space before conception
  • Consider parenting and co-parenting styles and beliefs
  • Explore ancestral imprints for more choice in their parenting
  • Discover and heal some of their early imprinting to prevent unconscious repeats
  • Set parenting intentions
  • Make contact, and establish relationship, with their soul-baby
  • Explore their readiness to become parents
  • Have a conscious conception

Deepen into the Sacred

Parents may need some support and healing to become more aware of their own journey from Source through new born. Healing early imprints helps parents to become more embodied and present.

When we are conscious about our creation journey we can use that information to parent preconception and the prenatal period more effectively and from our own felt-sense. Knowledge of our early imprinting gives us choice about what happens in the present, and can prevent the unconscious repeat of unresolved trauma.

Open to source: welcome your soul-baby

The preconception and conception periods are sacred and magical as we open to the Divine, and to soul-babies coming towards us.

During the prenatal period we can build upon the parenting practices we began before conception. Parenting can be a path to consciousness, deeper connection and embodiment, and personal growth.

A Loving Womb

You can learn much from your soul-baby about the kind of support they need as you stay open to their teachings. They need love, support and a two-way authentic relationship. Future parents have time to move intentionally towards a conscious conception and securely attached baby in the prenatal period. Nurture a two-way relationship and secure attachment with your baby before birth.

Trusting your instincts and intuition

Learning to trust your Soul-Body and nurturing your connection to your instincts, intuition and felt-sense are essential for conscious early parenting. Your Soul-Body gives you access to your best resources for life, relationships and parenting. It is the number one parenting resource! By the time you are ready to birth you will have been parenting your baby for approximately a year, or more. You will feel sovereign over yourselves, family, birth dreams, and your baby – no matter where, or how, you choose to birth – positively empowered parents, confident from the inside-out.

Embodiment creates empowered parenting

An established two-way early attachment relationship during preconception, and through the prenatal period, allows parents to help their unborn child if something stressful, or even traumatic, happens to their baby, or within the family. Early attachment creates a buffer against the stresses of life, and even against trauma, because secure attachment provides a protective love bubble around baby, increases good birthing outcomes and offers many other wonderful benefits, including far less post-partum depression. 

give yourselves, your family and your baby the best start in life!

"My experiences with Karen allowed me to more readily access how my actions and emotions would affect my babe throughout her life, and to become more conscious in handling them. I had a very conscious, gentle, and loving birth experience with my child, even though my birth did not go as smoothly as we had hoped. The sense of peace and connection that was deepened in these sessions has carried through in my relationship with both my partner, and my child, so that we are a more loving and conscious family. We are so grateful for your help!"


Hannah, Marin County, CA, USA

"My husband and I took Karen's Journey into Life class, which I genuinely recommend. At 7 months pregnant we wanted to be clear in our understanding and emotions before birthing at home in a remote location. With Karen's kind and expert guidance, and the safe loving space she provides, I was able to attain deep understanding about my own birth and how it was affecting my way of being in the world. This helped me to move beyond some previously unknown limiting patterns. The wellbeing of my unborn child was always a top concern and we felt deeply bonded as a family. My level of empathy and understanding for what my baby was about to go through was greatly enriched. We were so impressed by the classes that we had some private in-utero healing sessions for baby, which were even more profound. Thank you so much Karen for all of your help and guidance!"


Artemis, Sonoma County, CA