Professional Class Series:

The Prenatal Roots of Attachment Dynamics

Attachment dynamics and embodiment are two constant experiential strands during our foundational period from Source to newborn. At its heart the preconception and prenatal periods provide the original embodiment template. Core foundational imprints are laid down during preconception, a developmental period that is relational.

As conscious sentient beings everything we experience during this period affects our wiring, presence, health, attachment and relational dynamics. Events occurring in the preconception period onwards are imprinted in our physical and energy bodies which I call the Soul Body.

Get insights into early dynamics. In this 4-part class series I will share some client experiences and stories, and experiential exercises combined with content and discussion. How can we, as practitioners and professionals, support awareness that transforms early attachment dynamics – whatever our chosen work? We will explore relationship/attachment dynamics throughout the following areas:

Class 1:

Relational and Attachment Dynamics in the Pre-Conception Period

  1. Leaving Source – Soul, Intention and Purpose
  2. The Journey From Source to Conception
  3. Companions
  4. Agreements & Dynamics

Class 2:

Family Field

  1. Commitment
  2. Knowing
  3. A Relational Field

Class 3:


  1. The Dance of Sperm and Egg – Debunking the Conception Myth
  2. Sexuality, Passion and Intimacy
  3. Our Parents Relationship and Attachment Dynamics
  4. Embodiment

Class 4:


  1. Finding Our  Home in Another
  2. Attachment
  3. What’s in the Environment?
  4. What Are We Bringing With Us Into the Womb?

Whilst attempting to define the creation journey we can also hold expansiveness and deep consciousness of this evolving field, and stay open to the myriad ways that this period can be experienced by incoming souls.


This series is available for your group or organisation – contact me to make arrangement, dates, etc

Fee per series:

Four ONLINE weekly  classes per series. Attendance is required as each class builds on the one before. If your time zone doesn’t permit you to attend and you have people interested in taking it in your time zone contact me to discuss another possible time for the series.

Cost: $185 – cards and Paypal accepted.

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"Karen Melton has the capacity and skill to work with deeply ingrained patterning like no one I have ever come across. I spent many years in therapy, but until I met Karen, I didn't have the understanding of the core of my issues and how to unwind them. Karen’s love, clarity, intuition, strength, intelligence and depth have truly impacted and changed my life."


Nicteha Cohen – Sonoma County

"For the first time in my life, my nervous system is set at neutral and I am consciously and fully embodied. Everything is different. EVERYTHING. After a tenuous entry into the world as a newborn, and being raised by people who were deeply wounded, I am becoming who I was always meant to be. Thank you Karen. You are helping me and helping all the women, babies and families I will touch now, and in the future. Forever grateful ..."


Melanie C. – Doula & Midwife Consultant