Conscious Early Parenting

Prenatal Developmental Milestones & Attachment

It’s now acknowledged within mainstream psychology that attachment begins at birth. The cutting edge field of Somatic Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology (SPPP) finds that attachment begins way before birth, a wisdom that is not yet in the mainstream thinking and consciousness about babies and relationships. We are conscious, sentient beings long before birth, and we …

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What Is Conscious Early Parenting?

What can you, as individuals and parents, do about the way you are bringing your children in to life, so that they have the best chance at holistic health? One of the core principles of Somatic Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology is that babies are conscious and sentient. I advocate for early attachment practices, which can …

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Birthing & Its Impact on Relationship with Self & Family

Audio: When a new little one comes into a family everyone’s roles change. Siblings have to move over to make room, new parents have to step into becoming parents and discover what that means to them.

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How Birthing Professionals can Effect Positive Change in Prenatal Experiences Leading to Improved Birth Outcomes: Putting Early Consciousness First

Contrary to the popular cultural views that unborn babies are not having their own experience and that they don’t need parenting until we can see them in our arms after birth, Somatic Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology & Health (SPPPH) teaches that, from conception onwards, we are laying down our foundational imprinting for life.

The core principle of SPPPH is that we are conscious and sentient from pre-conception on. From the beginning, we are having our own experiences, and, therefore, need parenting and support much earlier than was previously thought.

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How In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Can Affect Your Child

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) children are some of the most wanted children on the planet. Anyone who has gone through IVF to have a child is a courageous and determined person. IVF gives many couples a chance to have their dream of parenthood come true, and it is a miracle that medical science has found a way to make this happen. Medical procedures often focus on the biological level only, and the emotional/psychological/spiritual aspects of the experience can be neglected. Conception is a powerful and sacred moment, and pregnancy is the cauldron for our life’s deepest, core templates, also influencing our brain and neurological wiring. In my work with IVF families, I attempt to bring the sacred and the practical back together, providing a balanced, integrated approach.

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Pregnancy and Family Dynamics: What It Takes To Get Ready

We had a new baby come into our family in 2002, and I was reminded how much change needs to happen when a little one comes into the family. Everyone has to make space for the new member, both internally and externally within the family roles and dynamics. In birthing families everyone’s roles are shifting. …

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There are many ways that our children communicate with us before conception. Dreams, visions at the edge of sleep, meeting during meditation or prayer, a sense of a hovering presence, an inner voice, telepathic thoughts/conversations, and even moving physical objects to get attention! In The Tibetan Art of Parenting, Ann Hubbell Maiden believes that the …

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Prenatal Parenting: Creating a Secure Attachment Before Birth

Unborn baby’s are conscious, sentient, and vulnerable. They benefit greatly from gentle, loving connection provided regularly by their parents, especially their mother, from the very beginning of their life – long before birth. Become the parent you already are, before your child is born. Take the time to connect with your baby every day in the womb, …

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