Attachment Begins Before Birth

In the field of Somatic Pre & Perinatal Psychology we know that attachment begins much earlier than birth, potentially even before conception, and that it in continual development throughout our creation journey. What we in the pre- and perinatal community have known for many years is now being backed up by a variety of studies, …

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Introduction to Womb & Birth Imprinting

An imprint is a memory, or recording, of an event, experience, or environment, which is stored in both your physical and energy body’s – your body-system. Your physical and energy bodies are integral. Imprints are your way of storing experiences, some of which may have been traumatic, stressful, or difficult. You may have no conscious …

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Some Causes of Womb & Birth Trauma

About Womb Trauma Please don’t feel bad if you read the list below and see some experiences that happened to you during your pregnancy. There are many mitigating factors when it comes to assessing the extent to which stress, trauma, or an event has affected you and your family. Pregnant parents are often going through …

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Listening To Babies: What Can We Learn From Them

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