Womb & Birth Process Workshops in Santa Rosa, CA

A Womb & Birth Process Workshop is a safe, small group purposefully created to safely process and integrate pre-conception, womb, birth and early infancy and attachment issues. Participants often leave with a sense of increased connection both to themselves and others. The group is suitable for professionals and non-professionals who want to explore their core ...


Introduction to Embodied Womb & Birth Psychology

An introduction to early imprinting and consciousness, prenatal foundations for attachment, supporting full embodiment and presence in the formative period, health issues originating in the primal period, and sequencing trauma.


Understanding Your Child and Strengthening Connection: A Nurturing, Body-Focused Class Series For Parents

If you are a parent who wants to: Learn new ways to listen more deeply to your child Understand your child’s unique way of communicating Discover how your connection to your body can become an amazing parenting resource Increase connection and secure attachment Get parenting and attachment support You will get support and input for ...


The Journey Into Life class series was very inspiring; an enlightening taste to wet the appetite, I got an enormous amount out of it. Karen does a beautiful job of holding the space and guiding the group. It was fascinating, important and meaningful for me to be witnessed. Thanks so much for doing this work and for sharing it with others.

K. Hill M.A., C.D., Bay Area, Ca