Love Your Baby Into Life – for Preconceptive & Pregnant Parents

Babies need parenting much earlier than has previously been known. Preconception preparation and connecting with your soul-baby, followed by prenatal bonding create a loving, welcoming, conscious experience for the family.


Listening to Little One’s: The Prenatal Self

Little One’s are constantly speaking to us from our unconscious implicit memories. It is a non-verbal, somatic and energetic conversation that shows up in all aspects of our life and is affecting us, and those close to us, profoundly.


The Prenatal Roots of Attachment Dynamics – For Professionals

Attachment dynamics and embodiment are two constant experiential strands during our foundational period from Source to newborn. At its heart the preconception and prenatal periods provide the original embodiment template. Core foundational imprints are laid down during preconception, a developmental period that is relational.


The Journey Into Life class series was very inspiring; an enlightening taste to wet the appetite, I got an enormous amount out of it. Karen does a beautiful job of holding the space and guiding the group. It was fascinating, important and meaningful for me to be witnessed. Thanks so much for doing this work and for sharing it with others.

K. Hill M.A., C.D., Bay Area, Ca