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I nurture body-centred self-awareness and teach self-care practices that are healing and settling. Unresolved trauma creates disconnection that cuts us off from ourselves. New internal resources nurtured in somatic work give us a deeper connection to ourselves and others, and to our instincts and intuition.

I support babies (prenatal and born), children, parents, adults and families into deeper balance, connection and health, nurture healthy family relationships, wise parenting and co-parenting.

I’m specialised in early imprinting and the embodiment journey – preconception through post-birth – with all ages. I advocate for conscious early parenting from preconception, conscious conception and prenatal bonding. Earlier parenting prevents challenging imprints and trauma, and nurtures earlier attachment.

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My Services

Body-Centered Healing

Integrates body, mind and soul with deep, gentle, experiential, hands-on somatic work. Reaches underneath the verbal to connect us with our deeper self… Learn More

Cranial Sacral for All Ages

Very gentle, deep and non-invasive hands-on healing that decreases stress, unwinds trauma and physical issues, and settles the nervous system… Learn More

Womb & Birth Play for Children

A child-centred play environment that supports children and families to come into calm, deeper connection and understanding… Learn More

Healing the Womb & Birth Journey for Adults

Early imprints, from preconception through infancy, are foundational and affect our lives profoundly… Learn More

Parenting and Attachment Support

Supported parents means happy relaxed children and increased connection. Exploring our triggers and growing our parenting resources is good for the whole family. … Learn More

Supervision in the Pre- & Perinatal Field

Expert support and development for pre- and perinatal therapists, and professionals . Learn More

I’ve found that lasting change has come from a combination of talk therapy and somatic work. Karen Melton is a rare practitioners who has mastered both these realms. She is wise and articulate in her words, revealing that she has done her own work on her path to self-knowledge and acceptance. Her somatic hands-on skills border on genius. In addition to these rare gifts, Karen also has a big heart, and is very kind. She has helped my wife and I, and my children, to vastly improve the quality of our lives.

Ned Kahn, Sonoma County, Ca


The Prenatal Roots of Attachment Dynamics – For Professionals

Attachment dynamics and embodiment are two constant strands in early imprinting from the foundational period Source to early infancy. At its heart the preconception and prenatal periods provide the original embodiment template. Core foundational imprints are laid down during preconception, a developmental period that is surprisingly relational. As conscious sentient beings everything we experience during this period ...


Introduction to Embodied Womb & Birth Psychology – ONLINE

We’re consciousness being and becoming embodied, and never more than during the original embodiment journey from Source through newborn. Conscious and sentient from Source onwards, we are primarily a soul having an embodied experience. The Soul Body (energy and physical body) is the access point for somatic healing, integration and listening to early experiences.


Love Your Baby Into Life – for Preconceptive & Pregnant Parents

It has been my great pleasure to work with Karen. She embodies a wonderful combination of warmth, sensitivity and a great depth of understanding of depth psychology, attachment theory and pre and perinatal development. If you want work at your depth, at the root of your psychological, relational and/or spiritual issues, Karen is a wonderful resource and partner for supporting healing at these deepest levels.

Jeff Burkhart, Software Engineering Director, Berkeley

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The 9 Principles of Conscious Early Parenting