Healing the Womb & Birth Journey for Adults

Page Contents: Benefits of Healing Early Imprinting → Cost → Imprinting, Memory and Somatic Healing → New Internal Resources

Karen is masterful in her ability to reveal early imprints and facilitate their healing. Whether it was softening my heart, protecting me from my father, or connecting with my mature self. Karen's work is transformative as she guides with sensitivity, strength and compassion. I’m blessed to have worked with her.

Thomas Dockery, Sales Executive, Marin, Ca

Benefits of Healing Early Imprints:

  • Better understanding of yourself, your patterns of behavior and how you relate to others, including your children
  • Getting to the roots of compulsive habits like overeating
  • A sense of wholeness and coherency in “your story”
  • Reduced anxiety, fear/terror levels and “panic attacks”
  • Feeling more confident and connected to your self
  • Higher chance of having a healthy pregnancy and a fulfilling and empowering birth
  • Making parenting choices from a clear and resourced place inside of your self
  • Achieving more intimacy in relationships
  • Feeling more connected to Spirit/Divine/God
  • A reduction in stress levels and tension holding patterns
  • Understanding possible prenatal/birth origins of health issues
  • Improving your parenting style
  • Enhanced wellness from integrating your earliest formative experiences
  • Feeling more relaxed and in control
  • Deepening your connection to your body, intuition, and instincts
  • Resolving birth and birthing trauma

This work is hands-on, fully clothed and experiential and involves gentle negotiated physical contact.

I came across Karen's Phenomenal Work after two cycles of In-Vitro-Fertilization. I conceived both times - the last one ended in miscarriage and I didn't understand why. Through Skype Karen helped me to recount my conception and birth narrative which brought much healing. I am so grateful for her presence in my life and her important work healing imprints and trauma in the womb!

Kimberly, Bethesda, Maryland


Sliding scale $220 – $130/one-hour session. Cards and PayPal accepted

In-person and Worldwide Zoom/FaceTime sessions

To schedule a FREE initial phone/video consult call (707) 829 1764 or email starbear@sonic.net

PLEASE NOTE: 24 hours notice is required to cancel or change an appointment otherwise the full fee is charged

I loved working with Karen. She is deeply compassionate and was able to hold the space for me to go into my oldest pre-verbal wounds. After over 10 years of working as a doula and childbirth educator, I healed my own birth experience and was able to evolve to a whole new level of working with my students and clients. Let's just say that Karen helped me rebirth myself.

Rachel Yellin, Childbirth Education, Yoga, Counseling/Depth Hypnosis, Marin and SF

Imprinting, Memory and Somatic Healing:

Most of us don’t remember early imprints cognitively and consciously because, as prenates and newborns, we are imprinted somatically and in our limbic brain (the emotional brain). These early imprints are, however, very easy to access and require no techniques. Early imprints are no less powerful for their lack of cognition. They are very pervasive and express themselves in how we feel about the world, life, others and ourselves. They show up a lot in our relationship and attachment patterns and in health issues. They affect us at all ages, on all levels.

Early imprinting doesn’t get re-patterned by talking about it. Talk therapy may help you to discover more about the story of what happened back then but it won’t change the imprinting itself. This is why somatic work is so important to resolve and re-pattern early imprints because they live in your Soul Body, not in your intellect.

New Internal Resources:

As you heal and re-connect with your early life we’ll be building new internal resources where you previously get what was needed. Isolation and separation are common experiences when you have early trauma. Loving, empathic connection re-patterns imprints and breaks the isolation that we felt “back then”. Support and new resources are added to our system allowing us to build new neural pathways, take better care of ourselves and  feel more connected. Building your internal adult skills are important too so that you can better parent yourself. We all need a competent loving adult self who can take care of our younger selves when they need care. Sometimes we need help to build this new resource so that our Little Ones within are not running our lives. Some examples of internal resources:

  • Learning to orient to where you are inside of yourself, E.g., am I in a young part, in my adult self, am I triggered into an imprint, etc.
  • Becoming more embodied, be able to notice when you are out of your body and have the skills to return to yourself
  • The ability to recognize when you are triggered into an imprint that is not about present time reality, and to soothe yourself  so you can  return to a regulated nervous system
  • Develop a stronger sense of an internal adult/caretaker/essence self so you can take really good care of yourself especially when triggered or challenged

I was constantly angry and anxious, stimulated by something unknown within. My time in the womb was difficult and inaccessible. I wanted free of that trauma, so I could be present in my life, but I felt stuck in the womb. After working with Karen I feel like I have been born, maybe for the first time. I can live, function, and thrive in the world. In my preparation to be a parent, it is a blessing to finally have the internal resources to parent myself first. Karen has a special gift, way beyond her training. I have met many practitioners and with her compassion, insight and integrity, Karen is among the very best.

Andrew Fynn, Marin, Ca


I’m happy to work with people who are already in psychotherapy, although this is not a requirement. I am not licensed and don’t practice psychotherapy or counseling. I welcome being in contact with your therapist and other members of your support team. Practitioners are welcome to contact me to discuss referring clients to me.