CRANIAL SACRAL: Babies, Children and Adults

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Cranial Sacral (CS) is a very gentle, non-invasive, fully clothed hands-on therapy. It focuses on our central nervous system, and our energy and fluid bodies, to enhance the health in our system.

CS, when combined with Somatic Pre- & Perinatal Psychology, Energy Healing and Developmental Attachment, heals and resolves womb and birth imprints and trauma.

In video sessions CS is hands-off/energy healing.

CS unwinds what we’re holding, settles our nervous system, resolves and integrates trauma and welcomes the soul’s essence into deeper embodiment.

“Trauma is not the bad things that happened to you, it’s what happened

inside you as a result of what happened to you.”

Gabor Mate, Movie The Wisdom of Trauma 2021

Our response, or survival strategy, in the face of trauma or challenge needs to be deeply heard as new, healthier ways to manage our lives are put in place.


Contact me for my sliding scale. Sessions are one hour. PayPal, Venmo (US) and cards accepted

For a free initial 20-minute consultation text/call 07869 174405 (UK +44) or email

Thank you again and again for all of your support during our precious prenatal time. You helped us create a safe and cozy nest for our little one, and for all of us. Our work with you set the stage for our baby to thrive. She is so content and joyful! Our 12 year old daughter also benefited from your parenting support, as we transitioned into our new family, and moved towards our birth.
M.B. and S.B., Sebastopol

Cranial Sacral for Babies:

Babies can have much to share with us about their creation journey. Cranial Sacral supports integration through deep somatic listening, empathy and very gentle touch allowing baby to tell her story and release what is held in her system.

CS helps if your baby is:

  • Fussy or colicky
  • Having digestive issues
  • Crying a lot or crying inconsolably (trauma crying)
  • Having feeding or sleeping issues
  • Unable to settle
  • Uncomfortable in his/her body
  • Suffering from stress or trauma
  • Grieving a loss (prenatal bereavement, separation after birth, twin loss, etc.)
  • Unable to relax and rest deeply
  • Disconnected (not attaching fully, not present in their eyes/body)
  • Challenged by a stressful womb or birth experience (including medical interventions)

When babies get help early on they can reach their full potential and meet life feeling integrated and embodied, with a regulated nervous system.

Home visits available for newborns in Bristol, UK or if mum is incapacitated and unable to meet in person. This option is suspended during Covid, call me for updates.

Cranial Sacral for Children:

Helps children with:

  • Unwinding tension, stress and anxiety
  • Connecting their body-system to its inherent health
  • Slowing down
  • Sleep issues
  • An unsettled nervous system (unable to be calm, stop or rest deeply)
  • Unresolved issues, stress or trauma held in the body-system
  • Hyperactivity – (A revved or anxious nervous system, sometimes caused by Pitocin, and by womb and birth imprints)
  • Feeling ungrounded and off-centre (banging into objects, not finding their feet, scattered energy, unable to focus for long)
  • Aches and pains
  • Difficult or stressful womb or birth experiences (see Family Support: Womb & Birth Play for Children)

Depending on the age of the child and their ability to be still or lay down I may combine CS with play which is the natural language of children. After a few sessions wiggly younger children may be able to be still for longer periods of time.

Cranial Sacral for Adults:

Helps with:

  • Deep relaxation
  • Aches and pains
  • Unwinding tension, anxiety and stress
  • Imprints held in the body that cause discomfort or pain
  • Bringing your nervous system to a calm regulated state (shifting away from anxiety and mind loops, etc.)
  • Unresolved issues held in the body-system
  • Hyperactivity
  • Feeling ungrounded and off-center
  • Connecting your body-system to its inherent health
  • Self-care and maintenance

A Baby's Story:
For the first two months of our son's life all he did was nurse, sleep, and scream. Our journey to conceiving, pregnancy, and the birth were all very stressful, and our son was clearly affected by all of the stress and trauma. We tried everything! I watched other mom’s with their babies calm in their arms, and felt so terrible that our son was suffering, and not at peace. It was affecting my health, my relationship with my husband, and my ability to bond with my son; he never had a quiet alert moment and was distressed around the clock. Our midwife referred us to Karen, and everything changed! Karen was able to tune in to aspects of pre-conception, pregnancy, and birth that had affected our son, and support him to process, express, and release his emotions. Her gentle bodywork helped unwind the tension in his body. It was difficult to witness his emotions and feel unable to comfort him, and it was exactly what he needed. He expressed all of his fear, anger, and grief, just like adults need to express things that they experience. Our baby literally transformed overnight after the first appointment; and for the next week did not cry at all! We continued so that he could express, and release, other experiences and emotions, and to this day have a happy and delightful baby! We could not be more grateful for Karen’s work; the safe and loving space she provides for healing, her expertise at sensing what a baby needs to release, and her facilitation of the process.
Anon, Executive, Petaluma, Ca

For a free initial 20-minute consultation text/call 07869 174405 (UK +44) or email