Body-Centered Healing


Sliding scale $220 – $130 sessions are 1¼ hours.

In person and Skype sessions | Intensives 2+ days | Professional Consults

Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express are accepted.

PLEASE NOTE: A 24-hour notice is required to cancel or change an appointment, otherwise the full fee is charged.

For the first time in my life, my nervous system is set at neutral and I am consciously and fully embodied. Everything is different. EVERYTHING. After a tenuous entry into the world as a newborn, and being raised by people who were deeply wounded, I am becoming who I was always meant to be. Thank you Karen. You are helping me and helping all the women, babies and families I will touch now, and in the future. Forever grateful ...

Melanie C. - Doula & Midwife Consultant


Very gentle, respectful, hands-on healing that works with the body-system (physical and energy body) to heal and integrate disconnection, isolation, trauma, and patterns that are no longer working in your life.

Have you lost contact with your body/Soul wisdom?

Integrate body, mind and soul with deep and gentle, but powerful, hands-on somatic work, in which physical contact is negotiated and respectful at all times. Body-Centered Healing perceives your energy and physical bodies (body-system), and your Soul’s journey and purpose, as integral to bringing about permanent, deep change, and health on all levels. Your deepest, core places will be heard as we somatically access old beliefs, thoughts and attitudes, trauma, and pre-verbal imprints.

Do you want to re-connect with your intuition and felt-sense instincts?

Build new internal resources for your life now, by reconnecting with your body, the home of your instincts and intuition.

Are you feeling disconnected from yourself due to trauma or ongoing stress that made it painful, or difficult, for you to stay present in your body? You can feel comfortable and relaxed in your body, and learn to understand its communications with ease. Sustainable, deep change is possible when the power of the body-mind-Soul connection is harnessed.

Emotions, stress, and imprints stored in your body can manifest physically, affecting your health and well-being. Body-Centered Healing can help you to make sense of the energetic and emotional meaning of physical symptoms. You have defenses for a good reason and they must always be respected as they are lovingly integrated, and transformed. Expect to make sustainable, major shifts in your old patterns.

Karen Melton has the capacity and skill to work with deeply ingrained patterning like no one I have ever come across. I spent many years in therapy, but until I met Karen, I didn't have the understanding of the core of my issues and how to unwind them. Karen’s love, clarity, intuition, strength, intelligence and depth have truly impacted and changed my life.

Nicteha Cohen - Sonoma County

Body-centered healing can help you with:

  • Unexplainable fears and anxieties.
  • Strong emotional states with no apparent origin
  • Isolation
  • The inability to return to equilibrium after emotional/nervous system activation.
  • Exploring and healing attachment issues and styles.
  • Improving and exploring your parenting (also see parenting and attachment support)
  • Healing and resolution of abortions, miscarriages and other womb losses.
  • An inability to settle or rest.
  • Hyper-vigilance (being on alert).
  • Feeling of disconnection from God/Source/Divine.
  • Compulsions.
  • Lack of intimacy.
  • Feeling lost, unwanted, ungrounded, or un-centered.
  • Unexplainable or unresolvable grief or sadness.
  • Difficulty connecting with, or staying connected to, others.
  • Feeling engulfed and overwhelmed in relationships
  • Inability to feel present in your body e.g. feeling spacey, checked out sometimes or all the time.
  • Emotional reactions to life/people that are out of proportion to the event.
  • Understanding tension and stress holding patterns.
  • Issues that have not been touched or resolved in talk therapy, often pre-verbal.
  • Learning to have a settled nervous system.
  • Understanding where your beliefs about life and people come from.
  • Achieving a feeling of enhanced wellness by integrating formative experiences.
  • Having a coherent narrative.

Are you ready to come home to your self?


I am not a licensed psychotherapist and I am not practicing counseling or psychotherapy. I am happy to work with people who are in therapy, although this is not a requirement to work with me. I enjoy collaborating with psychotherapists, psychiatrists, and other practitioners in your support network. Practitioners are welcome to call me to discuss the suitability of referring a client to me.