Karen Melton

About Me

After 15 years in England working with individuals and groups, I moved to the U.S. in 1997 to train in Somatic Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology & Health with prominent leaders in the field (Dr William Emerson, Ray Castellino). This is the study of life, embodiment, and spirituality and consciousness from the pre-conception through newborn period.

I was drawn to this deep, profound work because I needed to heal my own early imprints from the prenatal period. I offer deep, gentle, hands-on, experiential somatic work for all ages, and I am very fortunate to love my work.

My deepest wound happened in the womb at 5 weeks old, and has profoundly affected my life. I began healing my core wound in my early twenties, and have dramatically shifted from feeling terrified to enjoying a feeling of well being and integration. I no longer have to deal with regular terror. My healing journey has given me a deep and personal understanding of the huge influence womb and birth experiences have on all of us. I know first-hand that it is possible to heal from a traumatic prenatal experience, and I feel that somatic work is necessary for this healing to be effective.

I am writing a book that places early consciousness at the center of:

  • Conception
  • Pregnancy
  • Birthing
  • Early parenting practices and secure attachment

This perspective will radically change how we:

  • Bring our children into life
  • Treat women, the sacred art of motherhood, and birthing
  • Perceive babies from pre-conception through newborn

Bringing the spiritual and sacred into parenting creates a whole new paradigm for us all, and influences the future in a positive way.

I hold people in their deepest places with presence, sensitivity and authenticity. I am a mother, and a grandmother.


2011 – 2013: The Neufeld Institute, Canada. Levels 1 & 2 – Attachment and developmentally based parenting

2004 – 2006: Certified in Somatic Prenatal and Birth Therapy, Castellino Training; + the Advanced Double Binds Training, two Practitioner Trainings. In 2015 a post-graduate week of further training in the B.E.B.A. clinic (building and enhancing bonding and attachment) style of family work

2003 – 2005: Certified in Cranial-Sacral Work with Dr Dennis Hertenstein, CA

1997 – 2002: Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology, Dr William Emerson, Petaluma, CA

1995 – 1997: Art of Tantra, Skydancing Tantra, UK

1992: Completed 3rd year, Bath Center For Psychotherapy & Counseling (B.C.P.C.), UK

1991: A 9 month training in the Women’s Mysteries; spirituality, ritual, shamanic and indigenous healing practices from around the world

1988 – 1990: Diploma in Humanistic Psychology, with the Institute for the Development of Humanistic Psychology (I.D.H.P.), sponsored by Bath University, England

1985 – 1997: Counselor in private practice for 7 years

1982 – 1985: Youth Counselor with Off The Record, Youth Counseling Agency, UK. Co-founder, phone counselor, administrator,  and supervisor of counselors with Wiltshire Rape Crisis Line, UK