Karen Melton

About Karen

I’ve worked therapeutically with people for 38 years, and as a somatic Pre- & Perinatal Pactitioner for 20 years. I began as a counsellor then completed a Diploma in Humanistic Psychology, and a Women’s Mysteries training (spiritual, shamanic and indigenous women’s healing practices from around the World).

After some psychotherapy training at BCPC, Bath, followed by several years in practice, I studied Tantra for two years before moving to California to train in Somatic Pre- & Perinatal Psychology & Health (with Dr William Emerson and Ray Castellino).

I trained as a Family Practitioner at the BEBA  clinic, Santa Barbara, CA (Ray Castellino’s family work model) and later as a Cranial Sacral Therapist. I have also studied energy psychology for many years, and took Dr Gordon Neufeld’s Developmental Attachment levels 1 and 2.

I’m very fortunate to love my work – I offer deep, gentle, hands-on experiential somatic work for all ages – from preconceptive babies to adults. A somatic focus in healing early imprints is necessary for listening, integrating, and healing the preverbal foundational period. I’m an advocate for conscious early parenting from preconception through the prenatal period.

It’s a privilege to support people in their deepest places with presence, empathy, sensitivity and authenticity.

I’m a mother, and a grandmother.


For a free initial 20-minute consultation +44 (0)7869 174405 (UK) or email starbear@sonic.net