Supervision in the field of Pre & Perinatal Psychology


Sliding scale: $220 – $130 per one-hour video session

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Get informed input on prenatal and perinatal psychology issues coming up with your clients. The field of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health reaches deep into the foundational imprinting laid down from the conception through newborn period. It will help you to understand yourself and your clients’ most core issues, beliefs, attachment issues and soul imprints which originate in this early period. Early trauma often remains unseen and has a huge effect on relationships, health, parenting, birthing, profession/work – on every aspect of life. This is true for both our clients and for ourselves because we’ve all been through the journey into life and this journey is alive and active within us every day. It is important that as practitioners we become aware of how our own foundational imprinting is affecting our work and driving the call to our chosen vocation.


Support for holding the deeper layers in the foundational imprinting (pre-conception through perinatal), within the relational container. You may be seeing early pre-verbal material coming up in your clients and want to understand more about the nature of early imprinting and how to hold it.

This support includes recognizing and differentiating your own early material which may be arising in relation to your clients experiences. If working with pregnant clients you may have observed that they are repeating their own early imprints in present-time from the pre-conception period onwards. Sequencing issues, difficult transitions, mistaken beliefs, deep-seated fear and terror, physiological responses that don’t make sense – like panic attacks when there is no threat in present time – are all common signs of early imprints at play.

Birthing Professionals (Midwives, Doulas, Obstetricians, Childbirth Educators, etc.)

Gain insight and deeper understanding that supports improved pregnancy, birthing and attachment outcomes, and more empowered clients (mom’s and baby’s). If you are working with pregnant clients you may have observed that they are repeating their own early imprints in present-time from their pre-conception period onwards, and that birth trauma is often a repeat of their own birth dynamics. These dynamics are preventable with some information and consciousness raising within the professional that can be passed on to pregnant parents.

Many birthing professionals burn out because they are recapitulating their own early imprints unconsciously in their work. Understanding where you are coming from as a professional, what draws you to your field of work and how empower your clients towards not repeating their own womb and birth trauma all foster good self care. For a deeper look at these subjects go to my Articles pages to read, “How Birthing Professionals can Bring Positive Change to Prenatal Experiences and Birth Outcomes: Putting Early Consciousness First.”