Professional input and support in the field of Somatic Pre- and Perinatal Psychology (SPPP). Understand yourself and your clients’ core issues, beliefs, attachment issues and soul imprints. Early trauma often remains unseen as it sits in your Soul Body, silently affecting your relationships and attachment, embodiment and presence, health, parenting, pregnancy and birthing – every aspect of your life.

You will be encouraged and supported to become more familiar with your Pre and Perinatal imprinting as it arises in relation to your clients. Your own creation journey is alive and active within you every day, affecting your work and driving the call to your chosen vocation.


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In-person and Worldwide Zoom/Face Time sessions

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for therapists and practitioners

Within the relational container of supervision receive support for holding the deeper layers of foundational imprinting from pre-conception through the perinatal period. Pre-verbal material and the nature of early imprinting can be understood and held therapeutically.

In working with foundational imprints it’s important to be able to recognise and differentiate your own early imprinting as a professional, which can arise in relation to your clients experiences. Sequencing issues, difficult transitions, mistaken beliefs, deep-seated fear and terror, physiological responses that don’t make sense, e.g. panic attacks when there is no threat in present time, are signs that early imprints are at play.

for birthing professionals

Support and  insight that supports improved pregnancy, birthing and attachment outcomes, and more empowered mom’s and baby’s. Pregnant and birthing clients often repeat their own early imprints in the present. E.g. a difficult or traumatic birth is often a repeat of a mom’s own birth dynamics. These dynamics are preventable with some information and consciousness raising with pregnant parents and they also support conscious early parenting practices.

Many birthing professionals burn out because they are recapitulating their own early imprints unconsciously in their work. Understanding where you are coming from as a professional and what has drawn you to your field of work is empowering. Support your clients in not repeating their own womb and birth trauma imprinting.

Good self-care and support for professionals are essential.

For a free 20-minute consultation text/call 07869 174405 (UK) or email