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The Soul Body

Focusing on the body in my practice for many years has been a fascinating adventure into what I call the Soul Body. The name Soul Body emphasizes that we’re primarily energy beings – soul’s having an embodied experience. Our consciousness and soul exists before we come into our physical body, and everything we experience as an energy being before conception lands in our physical body as imprints. Imprints are energy/body constellations of memory. E.g. If we felt ambivalent before conception about coming here, that experience would be reflected in our physiology as a somatic imprint touching into all layers of our being. Imprints often have a specific physical location too, and can be noticed because it’s a location in which we feel vulnerable or out of balance. We are always having our own experience, whether from before conception or after, and we are aware and sentient throughout.

If we had issues about leaving Source, or we lost a companion before conception on our way to our new life and family these experiences would be reflected in our Soul Body – both in our energy field and in our physical body. We’re not raised to see ourselves in this way, nor are we educated in our culture about our amazing body and energy system. This is putting us all at a disadvantage because it is our greatest resource, one that can easily connect us to ourselves, others, our life force, the Divine and Gaia.

It’s often at conception that we enter into the physical realm as we come into our mothers Soul Body and join with the beginning of our own new body. Some people enter into the physical later in the pregnancy but whenever we join with the physical realm we can still come and go energetically from our body.

Our Soul Body is in a continual dance between energy and the physical in a dynamic relationship, one always reflecting the other. We can feel sovereign over our own space by learning how to work with our Soul Body. It is potentially our best friend in the sense that it’s a magnificent feedback system through which we can:

  • Access our intuition
  • Be in touch with our instincts
  • Practice discernment about what’s right for us in relationships, etc
  • Read others’ Soul Body
  • Know what’s going on inside of us, around us, and in others
  • Access what’s going on underneath our child’s behavior
  • Track where we are inside ourselves, and know when and how to resource
  • Build new internal resources
  • Learn about ourselves in deeper ways by listening to our Soul Body, and more…

By orienting to our central channel we can calm and settle ourselves and plug into pure life force energy, which is devoid of imprinting. When we are caught up in our imprinting we are often triggered and may be unaware about where we are coming from inside. Often we are operating from a younger part of us inside who has temporarily taken us over in the present when triggered. Through our Soul Body we can discern our imprints somatically and choose to orient to our center where resource always resides. When we are once again aligned with our center our system comes out of the trigger and we can return to a settled nervous system and clarity of mind.

Our Soul Body is constantly transmitting and receiving energy and information. Think of it like a transmitter that can pick up messages, seemingly from thin air, and that needs a physical instrument to conduct and receive the messages. We have to be listening to our instrument to get the enormous benefits it can bring to us. We are constantly transmitting too, and we can be intentional about what we want to transmit to others in a way that can change what, and who, we attract. When we’re in touch with our Soul Body in these ways we can be sovereign over our space, in charge of it. We can’t change anyone else, but we can do what we want with our own space!


Many of us have become disconnected from our Soul Body so we may not be paying attention, or taking good care of it, until something such as illness, health issues or pain comes along. We can become disconnected from our Soul Body when we have unresolved trauma or events in our past, or because that’s the way we were taught to embody in our family of origin. Trauma separates us from ourselves, and overwhelming events can be too much for us to integrate without support. This means that we are missing out on our number one resource. Disconnection from our Soul Body is a tragedy because we are at sea without it in matters of relationships, self-care and parenting. In fact it’s the best parenting tool! Through our own Soul Body we can listen underneath our child’s behavior to the deeper messages and this creates much more connection and understanding in the family.

Are you disconnected from your Soul Body?

If so, what are you missing in your life in the disconnection from yourself?

Our Soul Body is also a powerful gateway to healing because through it we can access our life experiences, imprints and memories as far back as Source. Like a magical cave our Soul Body holds the memories of everything that we have ever been through – the good and the challenging. If we’re disconnected from our Soul Body we’ve lost our best friend. Unresolved trauma and stress are two of the biggest contributors to disconnection from our Soul Body. We no longer have access to ourselves which puts us at a disadvantage and can leave us feeling ungrounded, isolated, anxious, not at home in our body and feeling an absence of belonging.

The Embodiment Journey

Embodiment is never more dynamic than during the original embodiment journey when we leave Source to come into a body at conception. What we come in to in our new family, and mother, is all affecting how much we have been able to embody. Our level of embodiment affects attachment, relationships and intimacy, how we feel in ourselves, how present we can be for life, others and ourselves. When we become disconnected somewhere in our creation journey it’s hard to land in our body. We can’t show up, or benefit from the love that’s offered to us here, because we have been through something that has yet to be integrated. I see this often in my office with newborns who are struggling to land in themselves and who need help to arrive and resolve big moments in their journey. See my article A Newborn Cranial Sacral Session: Mia Lands in Her Body

When we’re overwhelmed we’re not in a receptive state, so even if we have very loving parents we can’t take in and receive the love that’s being given. We may be unable to perceive we are being loved until the issue has been resolved. This is a state that can feel quite isolated and lonely and obviously has a huge impact on all future relationships.

Remember – we’re primarily a soul having an embodied experience. Our soul’s journey into embodiment is central and foundational to who we are; how we came in, what we came in to and how we landed in our body if we were able to land at all. What happened to us during the creation journey affects our Soul Body experience and profoundly influences our quality of life, as do the ancestral imprints from our parental lines. If you’ve come into a lineage in which there has been unresolved life threat or trauma your ancestors will have learned how to be really good at checking out, numbing their body and feelings, and staying out of their body (energetically leaving) as a way to cope. They needed to be good at that back then because there was no support and they had to find a way to manage unbearable circumstances and events. These kinds of ancestral imprints can be passed down when we are unconsciously parenting, so it’s good to take a look at your inter-generational patterns and imprints before conceiving children.

Everyone on the planet has constellations of experiences that are held in their Soul Body going way back to preconception, and perhaps even farther – who knows? All imprints have a somatic component so they can be accessed and healed through our Soul Body when we have access to informed somatic, body-centered support.

Your most precious resource is your dynamic Soul Body

– is it fully available to you?

Are You Occupying Your Soul Body?

We’ve all heard the expression “the lights are on and no one’s home”. This is a simple way of naming that a person is out of their body. When we are in that state there is always a good reason for it. Often we had to respond to something that was too big to handle when we were little and our resources were such that absenting our body was perhaps our only option. It’s a smart thing to do in adversity, but its’ not necessary to continue living a whole life in that state of disconnect.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself if you want to determine your own level of embodiment:

  1. Did something challenging get in the way of you landing in our new body fully and cause you to disconnect from yourself?
  2. Was there enough support, safety and parenting/connection early on in your creation journey for you to fully embody?
  3. Was each of your parents fully in their body?
  4. Were your parents practicing out of body responses to life – e.g. dissociating, absenting, numbing out, avoidant approaches and attachment styles due to their own unresolved imprints and trauma?
  5. Were you supported in your family to listen to yourself (intuition, instincts and body e.g. gut feelings, etc), speak your truth and be authentic?
  6. Ask your intuitive self – Am I in my body? Even if your intellect doesn’t understand what this means you can still answer the question. Then ask yourself, if I’m not in my body – where am I? You could be above yourself, to the side, in front, etc

What if we were using our consciousness to become more embodied and present, to fully occupy and become sovereign over our space, and to heal ourselves? Would we be happier, more effective, more resourced and able to meet our purpose here on Earth?

We are primarily consciousness being and becoming embodied throughout our life. Embodiment is an ongoing experience. We are here to experience life in a physical body, which is our temporary home, our temple and our potential sanctuary. What can a shift in perspective about our Soul Body mean for our time here on Earth? What’s possible when, as a soul having an embodied experience, we reconnect with ourselves and perceive life through that new lens?

What Can Get in The Way of Embodiment – Two Examples:

Example 1: I supported Rhianna as an adult. When she was in the womb her mom was unable to be present in her Soul Body so Rhianna learned all about how to be out of her body too. Rhianna’s mom had not taught her daughter this lesson consciously; Rhianna was simply absorbing energetically in the womb how to survive in the world and stay safe. The womb is where our first lessons in survival happen. It’s natural for us to absorb how to do life from our parents, and especially from our mom, because we are growing inside of her Soul Body. We know everything about her. Rhianna’s mom may even have learnt her particular way of staying out of her body when she was inside her mom. Whenever Rhianna felt threatened, often when she was becoming close to a man, she would leave and hang out above her physical body where she couldn’t feel anything any more. In a sense this is akin to abandoning ourselves in a challenging situation because there’s no one home once we have vacated the premises. This reaction was triggered in intimate relationships a lot and Rhianna wanted to understand why she was absenting herself, and learn how she could stay present, connect and deepen into intimacy and love. She knew in her mind that there was no threat to her in present time but her Soul Body was telling her something else. Her physiology was having a big fear response and then she would leave her body, which was the imprinting talking. The parts of us that will leave are often very young and they are using survival responses that were learnt early on in life. E.g. Rhianna’s prenatal self was the one who wanted to get out quick when anyone got too close. Her mom had suffered some frightening experiences with adult men as a child that had left her understandably scared and anxious in intimate situations with men. Rhianna had picked up this imprinting from her mom even though she hadn’t had any bad experiences with men herself. With the help of an experienced somatic practitioner she no longer needed to act out her mom’s out-of-body survival behavior and was able to grow new resources so that she could stay present, resourced and practice excellent self-care.

The first time I heard the term ‘out of body’ they were spoken by one of the teachers in a humanistic psychology training. I felt like someone had rung a loud gong inside of me! I didn’t know exactly what it meant but I knew it was important information and was relevant to my experience of myself. My intuitive self said, “that’s me”. I began to observe and track how I would leave my body, then I got curious about why I left when I did, and then learned how to get back in to my body if I wanted to. It was a process in which I learned a lot about myself. Many new resources opened up to me and I understood why I was operating this way, most of it originating from my prenatal wounding in the first trimester. We can re-pattern our embodiment imprinting; we don’t have to continue doing it the way it was imprinted.

Example 2: I met a newborn baby called Matt who as a spirit-baby had felt ambivalent on his way to a new family. He was not 100% committed to coming into a new family but was moving towards it. He was travelling with a companion who would be his twin, they planned to be conceived and come all the way in to their Soul Body’s together. After arriving in their new womb they were doing well for several weeks and then their mom’s physical challenges – anxiety, a dysregulated nervous system, high stress, inability to keep food down – meant that one of them had to leave because there were not enough resources for two. This was devastating for both of them and they were angry, upset and in deep grief about losing each other and their plan to be together. Matt was inconsolable as a newborn when I met him at 3 weeks old. I energetically felt his sister in the room; she was still hanging around because she was worried about Matt and still angry about their separation. The adults around them didn’t understand why Matt was so upset, or know that their lost daughter was still present. Matt was trying to land in his new body and simultaneously his energy and attention were drawn out of his body towards his lost sister. His longing for his connection with her and the grief about his loss were pulling him out energetically towards her and creating an embodiment dilemma. As newborn’s we are usually moving towards embodiment and we feel better when we can land. Being more present here meant letting go of his sister. Bringing empathic support, understanding and healing to Matt’s challenges made a huge difference. Matt’s inconsolable crying ceased as his grief was now held in the family by his parents and he could settle in. His parents were able to hear from their lost daughter and understand her feelings and the dynamics at hand. Getting some support to process and resolve the strong feelings about what happened helped Matt enormously to land in himself. Having his parents empathetically understand what he was going through was very important in this process.

The foundational period of development from Source to newborn affects our relationships, attachment, health, physiology and nervous system functioning, our deepest beliefs about people and the world and whether we feel safe or not. It can provide us with deep information and understanding about our unconscious dynamics and patterns in life, bringing more coherency, balance, embodiment, alignment, and reconnection with our purpose.

Embodiment and attachment issues and challenges are central and recurring themes often originating in our early life. Listening to the somatic voice of pre-verbal imprinting through body-centered practices is a very effective way to hear those places inside. Through the Soul Body adults can reconnect with their little one – their internal baby self – who holds all the memories of our journey into life and continually expresses them in the present. Reconnecting with our little one can dynamically transform our lives with somatic work and relational healing, reconnect us to Source and ground us into being and belonging. Thinking about our babies coming in from the perspective of consciousness becoming embodied can change how we are parenting them into life. It can also really shift how we are listening to our already born children and give us many ways to support them to land as fully as possible.

Blessings to All

Karen Melton © All rights reserved – Published 2020

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  • Dear Karen… Your article is beautiful! and the picture of those two little ones… is so precious! … had an experience last night that I think relates – your 1st question touched me! Recently, I felt at times like I’m on “auto pilot”, so during meditation was reflecting. The response was BREATHE! So I began deep conscious breathing. Next came MOVE! So I began deep conscious movement. Next came OBSERVE! So I began touching… patting my body with a regular beat and observing my response. And almost immediately I was back in the womb! I felt irritated by the patting on my body because it reminded me of feeling my mother’s heartbeat. And I already knew I had experienced in the womb a lack of oxygen at times because of mom’s smoking (based on Thomas Verny’s work) and realized that it was THERE that I began disassociating! As I continue this “exercise” of Breath! Move! Observe! I’m been much more present! Thank you again for your article…and your work! You are a real gift to all! with much love, Sharon

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