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Pamper the Expectant Parent in Your Life with These 10 Pandemic Pregnancy Ideas by Emily Graham of MightyMoms.net

Pregnancy is special no matter what circumstances it happens under. That said, experiencing pregnancy during the pandemic can be especially challenging to navigate. While you can’t be there in person to offer support, you can see a loved one through their pandemic pregnancy with these supportive ideas from  healer Karen Melton.

Support Your Loved One

Whether you’re supporting your partner or a beloved friend or family member during their pregnancy, be a resource and advocate for them.

  • Listen to them when they talk about their feelings about pregnancy and parenthood, and always offer support and encouragement.
  • Practice patience (and encourage your loved one to do so) while waiting for baby info, as due dates are onlyscientific guesses.
  • Understand the virtues of waiting versus induction and don’t contribute pressure or worry.

Censor Your Social Media

Social media may be the only way an expectant mom has to share her joyful news and updates with friends and family. Be cautious about your social media commentary to honor her privacy and perspective.

  • Avoid pressuring your expectant friend for social media sharing of information about their pregnancy.
  • Be understanding if your friend or loved one opts out of social media interaction about their journey entirely.
  • Don’t share your loved one’s updates on their behalf, or reveal news before they’re ready.

Contribute a Thoughtful Gift

Picking a gift for a pregnant mom or her baby is often the most enjoyable part of being a supportive friend. Try one of these ideas for something she’s sure to love.

  • Cover registry basics in bulk – like wipes, diapers, and baby socks – to help parents stock up.
  • Choose practical gifts like high-waisted underwear for the new mom’s comfort.
  • Think about popular baby items you can combine into a gift basket to show the new parents how much you care.
  • Pick a healing support session with Karen Melton for your postpartum loved one to feel refreshed after the baby arrives.

Pregnancy can be a trying time, but it can feel especially isolating during a global pandemic. Showing support to a loved one who is expecting can be tough when you’re social distancing, but these thoughtful solutions can help.

Need more ways to support pregnant and postpartum moms in your life? Visit Karen Melton for advice or to schedule restorative therapy for the whole family.


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