Introduction to Pre & Perinatal Psychology: A 4-Part Series for Therapists, Birthing Professionals, and Practitioners

Learn about:

  • imprinting: conception – newborn
  • consciousness and the Soul’s journey into life
  • the foundations for attachment
  • what supports, and impedes, full embodiment
  • listening to the somatic voice of pre-verbal imprinting
  • health issues originating in the primal period
  • nervous system regulation and dysregulation
  • bringing new resources to old wounds
  • the power to heal when we listen empathically to early places
  • how to negotiate first contact with a wounded little one inside of a child or adult
  • working with babies who have pre-conception, prenatal, or birth trauma

In these workshops we will explore early development and spirituality, the Soul’s journey into life, and embodiment from conception to the newborn period. Discover your own early imprinting and re-connect with your primary consciousness as a path to learning about this developmental period.

My teaching style is somatic, experiential, and spiritually focussed with some content. It is based on a foundation of much training with leading pioneers in the field, as well as many years of both professional and personal experience. Books, research, and other resources will be recommended for those who are interested.

We are conscious and sentient when we come towards our life and our new family; connecting with this very early part of ourselves often puts us back in touch with why we are here, and raises fascinating questions about the mystery of embodiment. It can bring light and coherence to why we feel the way we do and what our physiology is telling us about our emotional and somatic experiences. This period of development affects everything including our foundation, relationships, attachment, health, and our deepest beliefs about people and the world.


Currently being birthed – let me know if you are interested.



Karen worked with people individually and in groups in England for 10 years before she came to the USA and trained in Somatic Pre & Perinatal Psychology & Health (SPPP) with Dr William Emerson (1997). She took Ray Castellino’s: 2 year foundation training in 2002, his Advanced Double Binds training, and 2 Practitioner Trainings. She also participated in Ray’s B.E.B.A. clinic (Building & Enhancing Bonding & Attachment) for 2 years and in 2015 attended a week long graduate training at the B.E.B.A. clinic. She currently works with babies, children, and adults in her Marin and Santa Rosa, CA offices, and at Sweet Pea, her by donation cranial sacral baby clinic. (go to ‘About’ on this site for more information about Karen)

To register: Email me a completed Adult Intake Form – see my Forms page, and I will contact you to arrange a time for us to talk on the phone, answer questions, and register your payment.

Dates: TBA call me for current info. Each workshop is 3 days, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 10am – 5.30pm (one and a half hour lunch).

Cost: TBA call me for current info.

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