Introduction to Embodied Womb & Birth Psychology - ONLINE

FOUR PART Zoom SERIES – September, 2020 – TBA:

Cost: Sliding scale $195 – $350 – full payment required to register. PayPal and Venmo accepted, call to pay with a card. If you have loss of income from Covid please contact me to discuss  payment options.

Dates:  September, 2020 TBA on Zoom in PST

To register: Call (707) 829 1764 or email


We are consciousness being and becoming embodied throughout our life, but never more than during the original embodiment journey from Source through newborn.

Two core beliefs in Somatic Pre and Perinatal Psychology (SPPP) are that we are:

1. Conscious and sentient when we come from Source towards our new life and family, and

2. Primarily a soul having an embodied experience

SPPP views early imprints as somatic in nature. They are held in the Soul Body (a dynamic fusion of our energy and physical body) which is the access point for somatic healing, integration and listening to early experiences. In this series we will explore with each other how to listen to the Soul Body.

Karen has a beautiful way of gently presenting material that can be complex and triggering and an equally beautiful way of validating everyone. I really appreciate that about her. She also clearly has great depth and breadth of experience and knowledge which is such an asset for anyone wanting to learn from her.

Kathleen Hancox-Izzo, Art Therapist, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Family Constellation Facilitator, and never-ending student in the field of trauma resolution, Wells, Maine, USA

Somatic body-centered work is essential to re-pattern, heal and integrate early imprinting. The foundational period of development from Source to newborn affects our relationships, attachment, health, physiology, our deepest beliefs about people and the world, nervous system functioning and whether we feel safe or not. It can provide us with deep information and understanding about our unconscious dynamics and patterns in life, bringing more coherency, balance, embodiment, alignment, and reconnection with our purpose.


Embodiment and attachment are central and recurring dynamics and themes in this field. Listening to the somatic voice of pre-verbal imprinting through body-centered practices will be a focus throughout this introductory class series. Through the Soul Body we can reconnect with our little one – our internal baby self – who holds all the memories of our journey into life and continues to express them in the present. Connecting with our little one can dynamically transform early imprinting. Along with somatic work there is always a need for deep, expert relational healing because relational wounding in the primary period needs relational healing. We will walk some edges together as we explore experientially to help us integrate the content.


Each class is one and a half hours on Zoom (6 hours in total) and I ask for a commitment to  attending all four classes as this series is not suitable for those unable to come to the classes.

My teaching style is somatic and experiential based on a foundation of much training and experience in Somatic Pre- and Perinatal Psychology and Health, Cranial Sacral Therapy and many other explorations.

Suitable for: Health & birthing professionals, therapists and healing practitioners, preconceptive parents and deep seekers.

This is a stand-alone series and also a prerequisite for a possible longer training. This series is also available for an already formed group, a closed group or an organization.

Brief Bio: Karen has worked with individuals and groups for 35+ years. She specialized in Somatic Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology & Health (SPPPH) with Dr. William Emerson (1997-2002) and Ray Castellino (2002-2004). Karen also participated in Ray’s B.E.B.A. clinic (Building & Enhancing Bonding & Attachment) for two years, attended a post grad. training at B.E.B.A., and assisted the Family Practitioner Training 2019-2020. She currently works with babies, children, parents and adults in Santa Rosa, CA and Worldwide on video, offering healing to all ages, family work, parenting support, supervision and mentoring.

To register: Call (707) 829 1764 or email