Online - Introduction to Embodied Womb & Birth Psychology

Online 4-part class series – August 2020:

Explore early development and spirituality, the soul’s journey into life, and embodiment from conception to the newborn period. Begin to re-connect with your soul’s journey into embodiment, allowing your primary consciousness to arise as a path to understanding yourself and others more deeply. Listening to the somatic voice of pre-verbal imprinting will be an underlying focus throughout the series.

The core belief of Embodied Womb & Birth Psychology is that we are conscious and sentient when we come from Source towards our new life and family, and that we are primarily a soul having an embodied experience. Through the Soul Body (energy and physical bodies) we can easily re-connect with the early little one within. We can also  get back in touch with our purpose as well as pondering fascinating questions about the mystery of embodiment and where we originated. It can bring illumination and coherence to why we feel the way we do and what our physiology is telling us about our emotional and somatic experiences.

The foundational period of development from Source to newborn affects our relationships, attachment, health and physiology, our deepest beliefs about people and the world, our nervous system functioning and whether we feel safe or not.  It can also provide us with deep information and understanding about our unconscious dynamics and patterns in life, offering us more coherency.

We are consciousness becoming embodied throughout our life and we need parenting and support from preconception onwards.

Each class is one and a half hours on Zoom (6 hours in total) and a commitment to all four classes is preferred. For those who register but are unable to attend due to time zone differences I will record the classes.

Class 1: The Soul’s Journey

Introduction to the class, laying the ground

The Principles (Confidentiality, Touch, Choice, Self-Care, the Pause, Mutual Support & Cooperation, Brief Frequent Eye Contact – as developed by Ray Castellino)

How we can be centered, grounded and clear

Consciousness and the soul’s journey into life. What supports, and impedes, full embodiment?

Class 2: Nurturing the Incoming Soul

Introduction to the class

About Somatic Imprinting from Conception – Newborn

Class 3:  Parenting the Foundations into Health

Introduction to the class

Early parenting

The foundations of attachment from preconception onwards

Health issues can originate in the prenatal period

Class 4: What Heals Early Imprints From a Somatic Viewpoint?

Introduction to the class

The power of empathic somatic listening to heal early imprints

Parenting our inner-baby.

Developing our adult self’s  parenting skills using somatic cues, resourcing, tracking and consciousness.

Building new internal resources for a calm, regulated nervous system.

My teaching style is somatic experiential and is based on a foundation of much training and experience in Somatic Pre- and Perinatal Psychology and Health with leading pioneers in the field (Castellino, Emerson, McCarty) as well as many years of both professional and personal experience.

This Introductory Series is Suitable for:

Professionals and non-professionals, parents and deep seekers. This introductory series is a prerequisite for a longer training in this work, and is also a stand alone series.

I can also run this introductory series for an already formed group, a closed group or an organization.

Brief Bio:

Karen has worked with people individually and in groups for over 35 years. She trained in Somatic Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology & Health (SPPPH) with Dr. William Emerson (1997-2002, and took Ray Castellino’s two-year foundation training in 2002-2004, his Advanced Double Binds training, and two Practitioner Trainings. Karen also participated in Ray’s B.E.B.A. clinic (Building & Enhancing Bonding & Attachment) for 2 years and attended a post graduate training at the B.E.B.A. clinic. She currently works with babies, children, parents and adults in Santa Rosa, CA and Worldwide on video offering healing, parenting support, supervision and mentoring. She runs a by-donation/free cranial sacral baby clinic called Sweet Pea (go to About on this site for a full bio).

Dates: Thursday 10am – 11.30am, August 14, 21 & 28 and September 4, 2020 on Zoom

Cost: Sliding scale $195 – $350 – full payment required to register. Checks, cards and PayPal accepted. If you have loss of income from the pandemic please contact me to discuss pricing and payment options.

To register:  call (707) 829 1764