Conscious Conception and the Benefits of Early Parenting and Attachment

This is no longer run as a class series, but is available one on one for pre-pregnant and pregnant couples and singles. Sliding scale: $220 – $130 per one hour session. It’s ideal to begin 9 months before conception, but not necessary. You can begin before conception or at any time during pregnancy. It is never too late!

Babies are conscious, sentient and vulnerable. They ideally need parenting beginning prior to conception, and throughout pregnancy. This is the foundational period for life. Early parenting and attachment gives you the time and opportunity to create an optimal nest for your baby, and to get ready for parenting.

Preparing for your baby before conception and nurturing a two-way connection with baby during pregnancy will make the world of difference to your family. Suitable for pre-pregnant and pregnant parents. This is no longer offered as a class series, but is available in individual sessions in person or Worldwide in Face Time or Zoom sessions. It will support you with:

  • Building the skills and internal resources for parenting
  • Learning to track your self and your child through body awareness – a vital parenting resource.
  • Grounding and centering – essential resources for parenting.
  • Learning about your own womb and birth imprinting. This can be repeated when you are having a baby, so it really helps to become aware and ensure you are not repeating your own experiences unecessarily.
  • Prenatal Attachment – laying the ground to nurture  a two-way connection with your unborn baby.
  • Exploring the kind of parenting that you want to practice, and the parenting you received.
  • Pelvic bowl health – healing and clearing womb, pelvis and yoni issues.
  • How early memory and imprints work.
  • Answering the question “What will it take for me to be ready?”

Location: Santa Rosa, CA or video sessions Worldwide