Conscious Conception and the Benefits of Early Parenting and Attachment

Preparing for your baby, and for conception, makes the world of difference to your family. Suitable for pre-pregnant and pregnant parents. This 4-part series will support you with:

  • Building the skills and internal resources for parenting
  • Tracking your self through body awareness.
  • Grounding and centering – essential tools for parenting.
  • Learning about your own womb and birth imprinting, which can be repeated when you are having a baby
  • Prenatal Attachment – laying the ground for early attachment parenting
  • Exploring what kind of parent you want to be
  • Pelvic Bowl Health
  • How early memory and imprints work
  • Answering the question “What will it take for me to be ready?”

Location: Available in the North San Francisco Bay area.

Information: Call me if your group/organization would like me to run the series just for you. I have a more detailed flyer if you would like more class content.