Understanding Your Child and Strengthening Connection: A Nurturing, Body-Focused Class Series for Parents

If you are a parent who wants to:

  • Learn new ways to listen more deeply to your child
  • Understand your child’s unique way of communicating
  • Discover how your connection to your body can become an amazing parenting resource
  • Increase connection and secure attachment
  • Get parenting and attachment support

You will get support and input for sleeping, eating, discipline, separation anxiety, attachment, insecurity, alpha children (see Articles on this subject) and many more issues.

You will be able to share real life parenting situations that you are experiencing with your child/ren, in a safe, supportive, non-judgmental consciousness-raising environment. Be prepared to look inside as a parent as this will support a deeper understanding of your relationship with your child/ren and the dynamics in your connection.

Other offerings for children and families: Womb & Birth Play for kids in a family setting, Cranial Sacral, and Parenting and Attachment Support in Santa Rosa, CA. Parenting and Attachment Support is also available by video session Worldwide.

Karen is a grandmother and has 35+ years experience supporting people one-on-one in families, individually and in groups.

Starts: Weekly beginning the first Monday of each month 5 – 7pm. A commitment to all 4 sessions is preferred. In a short month we will negotiate when the 4th meeting will be scheduled. Also available to already formed parent groups.

Cost & Registration: $130 per person ($200 per couple) paid in advance Grandparents welcome

Call Karen 707 829 1764 to secure your place.  Credit/Debit/AmEx and PayPal accepted.