After Birth

A Newborn Cranial Session: Mia Lands in Her Body

During a home visit to help a newborn I witnessed a beautiful experience of embodiment. I see people primarily as souls here to have an embodied experience. My work with babies is a combination of cranial sacral therapy and somatic pre and perinatal therapy. Mia, at four weeks old, had layers of stress in her …

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FOR PROFESSIONALS: Core Isolation in Prenates, Babies, Children & Adults

Abstract: Isolation experienced during the foundational period from preconception through early infancy affects core imprinting. Attachment and embodiment issues are central to core isolation since it affects our achievable levels of presence, and therefore how deeply we can connect. Prenates, born babies, children, and adults show us that no matter what their issue, or at …

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Support for Pelvic Issues after Birth

In France ALL women who have given birth, vaginally or surgically through c-section, are automatically referred to a physical therapist who knows how to work with the pelvic floor. It makes good sense that this would be routine because birthing can leave us with many issues to deal with afterwards that are not in the domain …

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