Parenting & Attachment Support


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Parenting is one of the most rewarding and challenging jobs on the planet. You may feel like you are permanently in an intensive workshop. Our culture can give us the impression that we should be able to cope alone without support; this is not good for anyone, least of all families.

A Little Known Fact:

Children who are securely attached want to please their parents.

Outcomes of This Support Are

  • Deeper levels of attachment and connection
  • An understanding of good attachment parenting behaviors that are easily applicable
  • The ability to consistently apply attachment behaviors in your parenting on a day-to-day practical level getting results quickly

Interruptions to bonding and attachment can cause ongoing problems for children that can make it harder to parent them. There are many life experiences that can compromise secure attachment from the womb onwards.

For example, medical birthing practices routinely separate mom and baby at birth, which interrupts the natural, healthy attachment process that happens right after birth. As parents we may also have our own attachment challenges that can be transformed to support our parenting. Parents need support; supported parents means happy relaxed children!

When there are attachment issues it can result in an alpha child who is very difficult to parent because s/he is in charge. Alpha children and their parents need support to get their family back in balance. Children are not equipped to be in charge; they need the adults to be in that role so that they can relax and feel secure.

Available in person Santa Rosa, CA and on video sessions (Zoom and FaceTime), this work does not require me to see your child – it is for the support and development of parents. For in-person work with babies and children see Prenatal & Birth Play for Children and Cranial Sacral Work for Babies both of which include Parenting & Attachment support. During the pandemic this work is also available online.

Available in person, and on video session (Zoom and FaceTime). This work is for parents and does not require me to meet your child. If you would like me to see your child, see Prenatal & Birth Play for Children and Cranial Sacral Work for Babies. My work with children and babies includes both parenting and attachment support.

Parents need support. Supported parent’s mean happy relaxed children! Parenting is one of the most rewarding and most challenging jobs on the planet. You may feel like you are permanently in an intensive workshop as a parent. Our culture can give us the impression that we should be able to cope alone but it really does take a village to raise a child. Many parenting books focus parents on their child’s behavior rather than helping them to understand what the real message is underneath that behavior. I will support you to look underneath the behavior to the deeper message that is being communicated so your child can feel heard and supported.

We often repeat the parenting we received, parent out of challenging and mistaken beliefs, or parent from our own trauma. You may not have had the time to answer your own questions about what kind of parent you want to be. You may not be happy with your parenting but feel unable to change it by yourself. Perhaps your child seems out of control or unhappy, or you are struggling to understand what’s going on. Parenting alone can be overwhelming so it’s very important for parents and children that the family has outside support. It makes all the difference!

Co-parenting can be a challenge especially when there are two parenting styles involved, there has been a separation between the parents, communication is challenging, or there are not enough agreements about the parenting. Children can feel very confused when the co-parenting isn’t working as well as it could be and their needs may also be unnoticed in this environment.

Outcomes of this Work Are:

  • A deeper understanding of your child’s behaviors and struggles
  • Empowered and more conscious parenting
  • Workable co-parenting agreements
  • New resources and parenting skills for a happier family life
  • More secure attachment

I gained a lot from our conversation. When you asked me ``what kind of mother do I want to be`` you opened a door in my mind...I have been focusing so much on what kind of mother that I do not want to be that I didn’t even bother focusing on what I want for myself, and my children. That was extremely powerful for me and I thank you again for your support.

Renee Mack, Health Insurance Counselor, Chicago IL

My work with Karen has enabled me to connect to my deepest self in a way I never knew was possible. In doing so, I have liberated my nervous system from much of it's past patterning, clearing the path for the conception, birth and life of my daughter. Through Karen's compassionate and powerful presence and touch, I learned to truly Trust. I am deeply grateful.

Rosie Hagerman, Pilates Instructor/Business Owner, Healdsburg, CA, USA